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Tree trimming being done on an overgrown crown with dead shootsIn order to keep your property looking its best, proper maintenance and tree trimming is essential. Preventing overgrowth helps to provide a number of benefits in addition to aesthetics. Pruning and trimming at the appropriate times with the correct tools can make all the difference in the long-term health of your trees. It requires time, energy, and knowledge of the process to do it most effectively. That’s where Stump Grinding Indianapolis comes in! We have professional arborists that can be the magic touch that keeps your trees big and beautiful all year long. Our highly skilled staff makes a difficult process as simple as possible for you. Call us now to schedule tree trimming for this season.

Benefits of Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming at regular intervals ensures that the tree stays long and strong to withstand whatever mother nature or the environment has to throw at it. However, many owners don’t do it because it can be tedious and time consuming. Nevertheless, it is an essential part of keeping your trees in tip top shape. Our team does everything from tree removal to stump grinding and brush hauling. Trust us when we say, we can take care of the job. When trimming trees for residents of Central Indiana, here are the benefits our customers often find:

Improves the Health of the Tree – Even though large trees may look healthy, it can often be difficult for nutrients to make their way to all of the branches. This can create dead shoots that can serve as a hazard. Knowing how to locate these and trim them off keeps the overall health of the tree at its best.

Helps to Detect Disease – Overgrown trees limit visibility into areas that may be compromised. By keeping branches trimmed to appropriate lengths, disease can be more easily identified and acted upon.

Improved Sunlight PenetrationFull trees are a wonderful addition to any Indianapolis yard. When they become too full, however, it can act as a sun block to your home. We help strike the perfect balance between a full tree and one that passes sunlight into your area.

Affordable Tree Cutting Service

While a lot of people take it on themselves to trim the trees on their own, the job isn’t without risks. Our team of trained aroborists know what each tree needs and how to get it done in a safe and effective way every time. The tree cutters at Stump Grinding Indianapolis have served countless customers in Central Indiana and have seen nearly everything. Don’t just look for whatever comes up when you search “tree trimming service near me”. Do your homework and you will find that the guys here are the best in the business. Drop us a note and we can get started on your job as soon as possible.

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Trimming Trees in the backyard of an Indianapolis residence
Stump Grinding Indianapolis trimming excessive tree growth for a family home

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Why Tree Topping is Harmful

A lot of people believe that Tree Topping is a healthy practice. Partly because it is so often done. Tree topping describes the process of cutting entire branches off to leave just the stump and shoots remaining. The thought is that it will adjust the height of the tree and promote new growth. In reality, it often does the opposite. There are few hazards to tree topping, and they are as follows:

  • Increased Stress – One of the prominent reasons why it shouldn’t be done is that it puts a lot of stress on the trees. Leaves are the food units of the trees. If they are removed from the tree, it can initiate survival mechanisms for growth. Trees attempt to grow rapidly and deplete energy reserves. If the stored energy is insufficient, it can lead to the death of the tree.
  • It Can Promote Decay – As with the human body, trees are able to “heal” themselves from appropriately placed pruning cuts at the point of attachment. Topping creates massive wounds in the wood that are too large for the tree to heal closed. This leads to external limbs decaying. Trees normally are able to “wall off” these areas to prevent spread, but the numerous cuts from topping make it impossible and the decay makes it way throughout the tree.
  • Sunburn – Within the crown of every tree, leaves spread out and absorb significant amounts of sunlight. This intakes needed nutrients and prevents the tree from overheating. Once these leaves are removed, the tree becomes subject to high levels of heat and light, causing things such as cankers or bark splitting to become more prevalent.
Rather than topping, sometimes the best answer is to remove the tree and replace it with a species more adept to living in that area. The professionals at Stump Grinding Indianapolis will take care of the issue, regardless. We offer transparent pricing and free estimates – what do you have to lose?

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